yume asian confections handmade in portland, oregon
Incense Burner and Lotus Set and Kanten Summer Stream
Spring Blossom Set and Yokan with Preserved Chestnut
Molded Nerikiri Platter and Konashi Envelopes
Kanten and Yatsuhashi
Spring Moss and Preserved Cherry Blossom Kanten
Sea Glass and Diving for Rubies
Nectarine Sunrise and Kinako Mochi
Baked Manju and Lotus Petals Nerikiri
Sea Glass Packaging and Momiji
Manju: Summer Flowers and Sparrows and Crane and Turtle
Spring Wagashi Set and Sparrows and Koi Stream
Tsubaki Nerikiri and Sakuramochi
Hanabira Mochi and Autumn Manju

Yume Confections specializes in fresh, handmade Japanese and Asian-inspired confections for events and wholesale. We strive to indulge all five senses with our locally-made sweets. Available at tea houses, restaurants and shops in the Portland area.

Sea Glass and Baked Manju are available for purchase and shipped through the Yume Confections Etsy shop.

Now featured at The Portland Japanese Garden's Umami Cafe


Find us at these locations:

Baked Manju:

Sea Glass:

All confections are vegan and gluten-free with the exception of these sweets:
Baked Manju - Wheat flour, butter, eggs
Steamed (Mushi) Manju - Wheat flour
Konashi - Wheat flour
Kimi Shigure (steamed cake) - Wheat flour, eggs

Special orders:

Please place custom orders at least one week in advance. Custom orders must be a minimum of 10 confections of a single variety. Orders will be available for pickup or $10.00 delivery charge in the Metro Portland area.

Custom orders


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